Accounting & Tax Inc.

                                                                             Address: 54 Bramsteele Rd Unit 23/24

     Brampton, ON L6W 3M6

Office: (905) 499-4783

                                                                           Email: info@abacusaccounting.org



Welcome to Abacus Accounting & Tax. We offer a variety of accounting, tax and consulting services to better manage your business.


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Abacus Accounting & Tax specializes in accounting, business planning, consulting, corporate and personal tax preparation for small businesses and individuals in southern Ontario. In addition to our accounting and tax planning services, we offer IT services to help maximize the growth of your business. By utilizing the many services offered by Abacus Accounting & Tax, you will be able to plan, achieve and exceed your goals.




As a client of Abacus Accounting and Tax, you will receive first-class individual customized attention. By being your partner in business we will offer advice and strategies to help your business grow. This will include:

  • Maintaining up to date financial statements

  • Filing taxes precise and on-time

  • Guiding your business financially

  • Project and plan for the upcoming year and beyond


At Abacus Accounting & Tax we are committed to providing personal attention to our clients. We believe that our services will not only provide short-term business growth, but long-term growth as well.